In July the Chertsey and Ottershaw Rainbows came to the Living Planet Centre for Panda Night!

The rainbows were very excited to learn all about WWF. We took them into the WWF Experience where the girls learnt all about wildlife, oceans, rivers and forests. They found new animals they had never seen before and even tried to count up how many pandas they could see. One rainbow found over 200 pandas in our reception area! The rainbows had a very fun game of endangered animal charades and we were very impressed by their elephant and gorilla impressions.

We then made cute bird feeders out of old orange juice cartons… which of course we decorated as pandas. The girls really enjoyed this crafty activity and were looking forward to hanging them up in their gardens. We showed the girls the Green Ambassadors film to introduce them to all the others characters; they couldn’t wait to do some more activities with other characters and earn a badge! Panda Night will also go towards helping the Rainbows earn their Around the World Badge.

The Chertsey and Ottershaw Rainbows are going to help WWF by adopting an endangered animal next term. They are going to hold a vote and choose between a Panda, a dolphin and a snow leopard.