6th Woking Brownies came along to the Living Planet Centre to take part in a Leafy workshop. The Brownies learnt about different ways we can encourage wildlife. We talked about how different plants can encourage biodiversity in our gardens or local area.

We then made and decorated some amazing insect hotels out of old milk bottles. The girls put bamboo, straw, twigs and pine cones into their insect homes to provide lots of places for crawlies to hide.

They also made some amazing seed bombs… we rolled wildflower seeds into colourful air dry clay and then moulded them into all sorts of bugs and animals. We had a snail, a caterpillar and even a panda! The girls then took these home to plant in their gardens to see if when it rains, wildflowers grow!

The girls had a fantastic time and are well on their way to achieving their Leafy badge!