Abberley Primary School decided to sponsor an endangered species. To be precise we have adopted a snow leopard and an orang-utan. The motivation for this was mainly the fact that many of the world’s animals are facing extinction. Not only will the future generations never see them, we will never be able to learn more about them.

On a happier note if we all help we can stop all this happening and still enjoy the animals that belong to our world.

The orang-utan we have adopted is a female called Nim and the Snow leopard is a male that we have nicknamed Danny. But the question is how we had enough spare money to pay for two animals to be protected?

Well, firstly we had the idea to fund raise by drawing a life size leopard on a large piece of paper, then asking everyone to bring in loose change so that we could fill in the outline with pennies that could then be used to fund our adoption.

We also held a teddy bear tombola and the money charged for tickets was also put towards the adoption fund. In total we managed to raise around £78 pounds which was enough to adopt our Snow leopard and our orang-utan for two years. In exchange for our donation we now have: two cute toys; fact leaflets about the species we sponsored and most importantly the hope that two more breeds are safer than before.

Just think, can you help?



The Green Power Team @ Abberley Parochial V C Primary