Pittington Girls Friendly Society decided to look at endangered species as their Community Action Challenge for 2018/19. The girls, aged 8-12, with a couple of teenage helpers, used the WWF fact sheets to research their choice of endangered animal. Working in pairs, they created posters with facts and pictures of their animal.

We then held a coffee evening for parents and friends, where the girls used their posters to tell everyone who attended about the endangered animals. We held a raffle, with small toy animals as prizes, to raise money to sponsor an endangered animal for a year. After a vote, it was decided to adopt a snow leopard, which we have done. The sponsor pack, and small cuddly leopard have arrived, much to everyone’s delight! In 2019 the girls will take it in turns to take the leopard and the factual pack home for a week, to share with family and friends. A very informative challenge!


Ms. Dooley @ Pittington Girls Friendly Society