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We know how much young people just love getting outside and expressing their creativity! Our creative activities have been designed for children of all ages, and have been developed to encourage wildlife into your local area and explore your love of nature. From bug hotels to bird feeders and recycled gorilla masks, all of our activities use freely available – or recycled – materials and are suitable for children of all ages. They’re also perfect for young people to complete at home, in school, or with friends in their youth group.

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Recycled festive crafts

Fantastic festive fun! This festive season, why not get creative with our three brilliant craft activities for young children. Using recycled materials, you'll be able to […]

Recycled elephant mask

Make a recycled elephant mask How lucky are we to share our planet with incredible giants like this? Sadly large numbers of these intelligent animals are […]

Recycled polar bear lantern

Make a brilliant recycled polar bear lantern! Every year millions of people around the globe switch off their lights for Earth Hour to show they care about […]

Run around tiger quiz

Learn interesting facts about tigers. Did you know that tigers are fantastic swimmers and are often found in or near water, and that they can make […]

Snow leopard door hanger

Make a colourful snow leopard door hanger. The elegant and well camouflaged snow leopard is one of the world’s most elusive cats. Its beautiful spotted coat […]

Plastic Bottle Planter

Create a wonderful plastic bottle planter! Plastic bottles can make fantastic hanging planters for your patio, kitchen window or garden. By recycling your plastic bottles, you […]

Recycled Orang-utan

Have fun while you make this recycled orang-utan! Orang-utans are amazing creatures! They are the ’gardeners’ of their forest habitats, helping seeds to spread through their wide […]

Recycled Gorilla Mask

Get creative with this recycled gorilla mask! Did you know that Gorillas spend about six hours of their day eating? They eat lots of different leaves, […]

Butterfly Feeder

Create a butterfly friendly area in your garden! This is an easy spring time activity for children of all ages that can support your environment and […]

Apple bird feeder

Encourage birds into your garden and grounds! It can be tough for birds to find enough food during the colder months of the year. Providing food […]

Build a bug hotel

Build a bug hotel for your amazing garden creatures! Leaves, straw, bamboo, twigs and old pots... These are the things that bugs, bees and spiders absolutely love! […]

Build a bee hotel

Make a colourful home for your garden bees! Britain has around 200 species of solitary bees; these differ from bumblebees in that they build single nest […]