Our work with schools

Inspiring a new generation of sustainability champions!

Our work with schools inspires and empowers young people to take action for our amazing planet. For over 30 years, we’ve been working with schools and educators in creating engaging resources to support teachers and pupils on their sustainability journey. In doing so, we support young people to build their knowledge and understanding, develop their skills, and explore their values so they’re motivated and equipped to enjoy and care for our beautiful planet.


Green Ambassadors is our flagship schools programme designed to enable young people (ages 5 – 11) to learn more about the natural world, explore and share their love for it, and feel inspired to safeguard it.

Resources to support schools and teachers

All of the resources and activities we produce link to key themes and curriculum areas They can be used inside the classroom or encourage your pupils outdoors and inspire them to connect with nature and develop lifelong skills.

By engaging young people in key themes, campaigns and topical environmental issues such as climate change, rainforests, rivers and species we’ve got something to help you and your pupils explore, discover and learn. Use our free resources to revive your green teams with our flagship Green Ambassadors scheme, explore amazing species through campaigns such as I Protect Tigers,  and help give pupils a voice on our global campaigns, such as Earth Hour and Shaping our Future.

Take a moment to have a look at all the resources on our main WWF-UK website for more information: there’s lots to help you inspire, engage and empower your pupils on their sustainability journey.

Our resources for schools include…

Whole school resources

Schools play a vital role in preparing young people for the challenges and opportunities of living more sustainably. WWF’s whole school resources feature a range of classroom activities, lesson plans to inspire pupils to get involved with sustainability and the work of WWF.

Climate change resources

Our engaging climate change resources have been designed for both primary and secondary schools. Our curriculum linked resources help your pupils explore the issues of climate change in an engaging and motivating way.

Species resources

Our engaging species resources have been designed for both primary and secondary schools, enabling your pupils to get a better understanding of our planet’s most endangered species, the threats they face, and how we can all take action to ensure their survival.


We’ve provided a series of fun activities that enable pupils to build their knowledge and understanding of the natural world, and explore their values so they’re motivated and equipped to enjoy and care for our beautiful planet.